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144 ICO project from 2017 failed to survive 2018

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Coinopsy, a hub for “dead” cryptocurrencies, has around 264 altcoins currently which failed to survive through the bear market of 2018. Among these more than half were launched in 2017 through Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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The website indicates all of these 264 cryptocurrencies were active at the start of 2018 but failed in the following months.

According to the website a dead is “abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, wallet issues, no social updates, low volume or developers have walked away from the project.”

Among them, two projects which died last year again got wiped out after resurrecting amidst the 2017 bull market.

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The website divides each project into four categories based on a cryptocurrency constitute of a joke, a scam, an abandoned project or an initial coin offering.

Predominantly the list has crypto with ICOs that failed outright or scammed users, like Dimoncoin, which, “had a loophole in the smart contracts that allowed the creator to mint unlimited tokens.”

Around 27% of these projects were abandoned by their developers during 2018. In total 73 altcoin projects were abandoned last year, including India Coin, Masternode Community, and Rare Pepe Party. .

It is suggested 20% or 55 projects were accused of scamster activities.

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