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16 Arrested as Siacoin [SC] Mining Malware runs Rampant in Chinese Internet Cafes

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Police in Rui’An city in Zhejiang province detained 16 suspects for colluding with Chinese computer support firms to mine cryptocurrency using malware explicitly created to mine Siacoin from the affected device.

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Most internet cafes at the city of Rui’An used the services of the same computer support firm, and so the authorities arrested the CEO of this business last August, and a few weeks later it was reported that the CEO revealed knowledge about the hackers. According to a report by Hangzhou News, the group managed to mine Siacoin [SC] worth approximately $800,000.

The presence of malware of some kind was speculated earlier in July 2017, when internet cafes in Rui’An noticed that their computers have been excessively slow. The machines were using up 70% processing power just after restarting. Around precisely the same period, the online cafes also noticed a significant increase in electricity bills. Following these developments, most cafe owners reported to the government.

The 16 suspects arrested doesn’t check the entire issue of mining Siacoin [SC]. The malware has reportedly reached to cafes within 30 cities, and the inquiry is still going on, with over one hundred such support firms being seemingly involved in the scam.

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It had been reported that the creators of the malware advertised it to computer maintenance firms, who supposedly introduced the malware to computers in internet cafes. Local news articles said that the profit from mining and selling Siacoin could have been split among the creators and their assistants.

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