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A large portion of circulating Bitcoin is stored in investment wallets, reports Diar

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Investment wallets hold the most amount of Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation, points out a new report from crypto analysis newsletter publisher Diar.

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55% of total BTC are currently stored in wallets that have a minimum balance of $1 million i.e. minimum of 200 BTC, evaluated at any given point of time in last 11 months since the BTC price crossed the $5000 mark. And reportedly around a third of those BTC have never made any outgoing transactions, which indicates towards, a strong resolve by crypto believers, lowering real supply, or loss of private keys.

Around 27% of those wallets are collecting more BTC, states the study. Meanwhile, Diar also points out that these ownership does not indicate the amount of individual BTC owners, as the largest wallets are managed by the crypto exchanges. Some 3.8% of the total supply of BTC, which is valued at around $4.2 billion is currently under the administration of top five crypto exchanges.

Wallets with the balance of more than 10 BTC have 87% of total BTC, whose total value comes around $100 billion of the entire market cap, but only makes up .7% of all BTC addresses. And wallets with a balance over 100 BTC have 62% of all outstanding BTC, constituting only .1% of all the addresses.

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Bitcoin has a predefined cap of 21 million total supply, of this more than 17 million are currently in circulation. As a recent report indicated, 80% of the entire BTC supply had been mined. This eventually means only 4.2 million BTC are left until 21 million supply cap is reached.

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