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Content Delivery Network, Cloudflare introduces Decentralize Content Gateway

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Making an announcement in a blog post on September 17, a leading content delivery network (CDN) from the U.S., CloudFlare unveiled its decentralize content gateway via Inter Planetary File System (IPFS).

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This IPFS content gateway is the first in the line of products to be released by Cloudflare under their Distributed Web Gateway plans which plans to “ encompass all of [its] efforts to support new distributed web technologies.” The plan was announced during Cloudflare crypto week, a dedicated week for the adoption of new cryptography-powered technologies.

The service doesn’t require running of any special software and installation on the users computer. The gateway hosted on, “will serve as the platform for many new highly-reliable and security-enhanced web applications.”

Developed by Protocol labs, IPFS is a network and a protocol designed to enable storing and sharing of data on distributed ledger via a peer-to-peer network.

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Cloudflare plans to revolutionize the way of accessing information on the internet by integrating the IPFS protocol, it will allow the users to keep the available content independent of the state of the hosting server, for example, under the effect of a natural disaster or a server hack.

By providing the access to “any of the billions of files stored on IPFS”, it intends to “[embrace] a new, decentralized vision of the web”, and at the same time, it also raises some concerns around content sensitivity.

Speaking on the issue of sharing abusive content through IPFS, Cloudflare admitted and said its nothing that the company “does not have the ability to modify or remove content from the IPFS network” mentioning the fact that its IPFS gateway is just a “cache in front of IPFS” it further added “If any abusive content is found that is served by the Cloudflare IPFS gateway, you can use the standard abuse reporting mechanism.”

Cloudflare in past faced allegation from ProPublica as they reportedly provided services to Neo-Nazi sites such as The Daily Stromer and shared private data of individuals who complained about their content. Reacting to these serious allegations, it claimed that it will change complaint policies in order to ensure maximum security of the users who report on the platform.

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