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Ethereum Blockchain is now add to big data analytic platform of Google

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Ethereum (ETH) dataset is now available in BigQuery, Google’s big data warehouse for analytics, according to a post from August 29, on Google’s official blog.

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The dataset has all the data from Ethereum’s blockchain which will be updated on a daily basis. As highlighted by the team behind it in the post, the tool was integrated to prioritize improvements to Ethereum architecture (such as – to prepare updates), to help make better business decisions and balance sheet adjustments, for example, to see, how fast a wallet can be rebalanced.

APIs in Ethereum’s blockchain contains erratic functions like looking up wallet-transaction, transaction status and checking wallet balances. And it’s not easy to reach the endpoints of the API. That’s where BigQuery comes in, as OLAP features of it help in accumulating such data and also to visualize them.

The post mentions that the software system on Google cloud is designed keeping all of this is in consideration and it will – synchronize the Ethereum blockchain to computers running Parity in Google cloud; will perform data extraction from Ethereum blockchain on daily basis, which will also include results from smart contract transactions. Apart from these, the system is also built to denormalize and store data-partitioned data to BigQuery for easy and cost-efficient exploration.

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Since February, a similar tool for Bitcoin blockchain is available on BigQuery to visualize transactions, pinpoint anomalies and extract data from the blockchain ledger.

To offer new distributed ledger technology solutions Google also partnered with two blockchain based firms, Digital Asset, and BlockApps.

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