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GPU and ASIC Crypto Mining Hardware Manufacturers Looking for Alternative Revenue Streams Amidst Decline in Demand

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While GPU manufacturers can market their efforts on the gaming sector, providers of application specific integrated chip (ASIC) crypto miners are researching other revenue streams as a way to offset diminishing requirement for mining gear. The analysis, citing industry sources, claims that “GPU providers could be made to come back to the gaming market to rekindle growth momentum at next of their next half 2018.”


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Is A.I. the next stop for hardware manufacturers?

Canaan Inc., the world’s next biggest ASIC manufacturing company, is looking to the artificial intelligence (AI) markets to strengthen its profits, with all the prospectus for that provider’s proposed initial public offering signaling it intends to concentrate on producing processors for AI software. In a new interview with Fortune – founder and co-CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, has been asked of their organization’s priorities during the upcoming few years — Mr. Wu responded by investing further funds in the R&D of mining replacements, which “Bitmain may even start to deploy plenty of artificial intelligence services and products in to the industry.”


The rise and fall of demand

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Between April 2017 and March 2018, the digital currency mining rig manufacturing industry seemed unstoppable. This past year, the cryptocurrency bull tendency was racing toward its summit, drawing along with it unprecedented media policy of the digital money markets. With the requirement for cryptocurrency mining hardware being aggressively diminished after an onslaught of 2018’s bear market, reports are still suggesting the businesses operating from the distribution chain supporting mining hardware are seeking alternative revenue streams to counter decreasing demand from the mining market. Earlier this year, the requirement for mining hardware were at unprecedented rates, organizations operating in the distribution of chain mining rig were reporting record earnings and seeing all-time high stock rates.

After that month, TSMC paid down its estimated earnings in reaction to waning interest in mining gear. Taiwan’s Gigabyte Technology can be hoping to sell significantly less than 10 million motherboards from 2018 due partially to decreasing interest in mining gear.

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