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Hacks on Ethereum is still on the rise

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Hacking attacks on Ethereum (ETH) holding are in rising despite its sliding price, reports tech magazine ZDNet on December 10.

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ETH is currently trading at its 18-month low.

The report citing the research conducted by cybercrime monitoring company Bad Packets LLC, mention that the downward ETH./USD pair has failed to stop harmful parties from attempting to steal funds from investors and miners.

Hackers are reportedly scanning the network trying to identify wallets and mining rigs with an vulnerable part 8545, which eventually allows them access to control to divert the ETH funds elsewhere they desire.

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Shodan search indicates that approximately 4,700 devices, most of them are Parity wallets and Geth mining equipment which are exposed to this attack.

There also some free tools available to exploit this vulnerability to automate the scans and attack the clients of via part of 8545.

Troy Mursch, Bad Packets co-founder, and security researcher said, “Despite the price of cryptocurrency crashing into the gutter, free money is still free, even if it’s pennies a day.”

This year has been very bad for cryptocurrency security as the harmful attacks on the network and so-called “crypto jacking” attacks are rising.

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