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Investors and VCs Jumping on the Down Trend of Crypto by Making new Investments in the Sector

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Within the last couple of decades, DCG has evolved into the largest and most influential venture capital company over the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, funding numerous multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency companies and dominant companies including Japan’s top trade bitFlyer, the world’s biggest digital asset market Coinbase, leading crypto asset pocket Blockchain, and US-based multi-billion dollar electronic asset firm Circle. Having an army of cryptocurrency investment vehicles like the Bitcoin Investment Trust, Ethereum Investment Trust, and Ethereum Classic Investment Trust, all of which traded on public stock markets, DCG and GrayScale, an electronic money investment arm of DCG, have come to be the key point of contact to get large-scale investment companies and venture capital companies pairing an entry into the cryptocurrency marketplace. However, Silbert disclosed that Grayscale had the ideal fundraising week for 2018 within the previous five days, with raised over $20 million.

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Lately, various investment companies and prominent retail dealers in the standard finance industry have begun to demonstrate excitement towards the electronic asset marketplace within the last couple of months, amidst one of the worst changes from the current history of this marketplace. Bitcoin endured a 69% drop since it’s ATH of December, inducing the next worst correction in its history following a 95% correction in 2010 along with an 80% correction in 2014. However, investors have begun to show more interest from the electronic asset marketplace compared to premature 2018, once the value of the majority of electronic assets has been at all-time highs.

Jim Cramer, who formally asked his audiences on CNBC Mad Money to become wary about Bitcoin and the remainder of the cryptocurrency marketplace, recently said that banks must dread for cryptocurrencies and young portfolio managers have begun to reveal more confidence towards the emerging asset class in contrast to the standard fund marketplace. The moment the cryptocurrency market fell over 60% from its ATH, the dealer mindset of investors at the public market such as Cramer has been triggered and got a sudden interest in the marketplace. Formerly, once the market was in an ATH, the electronic asset marketplace wasn’t attractive for investors. Now the industry is down, a growing number of investors are trying to go into the sector, and the newly created need from investors will probably be revealed in the latter half of 2018.

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