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Latest blockchain based patent from IBM aims at scientific research

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American multinational information technology company, International Business Machines (IBM) in their recent advancement, filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to aid scientific research and keep a record of its results through blockchain technology, revealed the patent office on November 8.

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IBM initially filed for the concept last December, according to it foresees “integrating a blockchain and data collection and analysis for open scientific research.”

This is the latest in the fast-moving blockchain sector, as companies in large number coming ahead with patent models using blockchain.

IBMs patent is completely technical offshoot what it identifies as a lack of platform doing “requisite controls and mechanisms” to secure the scientific findings.

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The patent application reads, “Currently, there are limited platforms that allow for sharing information about scientific research and showing transparent data collection and analysis steps,” adding, “Platforms that do exist, lack the requisite controls and mechanisms to allow for trustworthy data, as there are few options for ensuring that data will be resistant to modification.”

Elaborately, through the patent, the scientific community is stand to benefit a lot from this advancement.

Multiple attempts have already aimed some particular sector of the field. Crypto media outlet, Cointelegraph earlier reported that blockchain backed tools for both genomics research data and pharmaceutical are in development.

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