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P2P Trading the New Way to Trade Cryptocurrencies in India

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India’s cryptocurrency business has witnessed some awkward improvements. Nevertheless, domestic exchanges are thinking up strategies to endure this annoying development.

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As of July 5th, Bitcoin providers can no longer get financial services in the nation. India’s Supreme Court lately enforced this unpleasant choice. To get cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s a really troublesome development which has to be dealt with. Some businesses pivoted their business model to concentrate on crypto-to-crypto trading exclusively. No fiat money trading is permitted on platforms like ZebPay and Unocoin at this moment. This technique still enables exchanges to collect commissions and revenue.

This method of approach won’t work for many businesses. The decision from the RBI sets a strict limitation on solutions provided by cryptocurrency companies. Additionally, it stifles innovation first of all. Companies must wind down their customer pool, which can be just another annoying side effect of this regulatory improvement. This can, however, make new chances for peer-to-peer trading.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges offer you a high level of convenience. At precisely the exact same time, they’re also subject to those regulatory whims. Peer-to-peer trading choices are a good deal more attractive in this aspect. It eliminates the middlemen in the equation since there isn’t anyone taking charge of consumer funds.

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P2P Bitcoin trading isn’t without flaws and worries. Dealing with these kinds of transactions is insecure, as opportunities for theft are comparatively high. Online transactions still pose dangers as prices can go awry at any certain time. Different P2P platforms around India will beef up their security measures, like introducing KYC processes and safer payment procedures.

This implies platform operators will guarantee money is kept secure until purchaser and seller are happy with the transaction in question. There is also the continuing challenge about the RBI’s decision, which may have its second hearing on July 20th. This isn’t the previous development seeing India’s cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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