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Recent updates on Bitcoin Cash Fork

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As the Bitcoin Cash hard fork is approaching closer, a majority of hash power is leaning in favor of Bitcoin Cash SV backed by Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, and the brain behind the nChain, data from Coin Dance reflects on as of November 12.

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According to Coin Dance, around 66-67 percent miners of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are supporting the SV network based on its hash rate, compared to 18-29 percent supporting Bitcoin Cash ABC, which has the support of Roger Ver, a crypto evangelist.

This data is based on the support shown by mining pools behind the hard fork.

Contaraily, Coin Dance highlights that out of 2,246 nodes running behind the entire network of Bitcoin Cash is divides as 1,079 for Bitcoin Cash ABC nodes and 166 for Bitcoin SV nodes.

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Usually, these factors are not a final indicator of which sect will succeed after the hard fork. As launching a Bitcoin node is cheap and in theory, one can launch multiple nodes under just a few hundred dollars. Whereas the hash rate is the primary indicator for proof-of-work (PoW), if a coin isn’t tradable on a exchange the hash rate would be waste in itself. By press time, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV are trading around $393 and $107, respectively.

Earlier this week, the controversy surrounding the hard fork took a personal turn when the influential figures from both the sect Ver and Wright started pointing fingers at each other. Wright, who claimed previously himself to be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, allegedly through a mail to said, Ver “hates bitcoin” and regards him as “an enemy.”

Reportedly, Wright finished the mail by adding, “I AM Satoshi” and stating “Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off.”

At press time, Bitcoin is trading around $507 with 2.56 percent price drop.

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