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Siacoin (SC) and ICON (ICX) Listed by Binance – 22% Price Jump in 8 Hours

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Binance makes sense for traders and its investors. The company started in 2014 and it has become one of the largest, multilanguage exchange platform. Binance is well known to charge minimal trade fees opposed to its competitors for transactions and security. The exchange has played a significant role in the cryptocurrency market and besides has been theorized to be the reason why coins pump up.

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Now before the statement of Binance allowing to list SiaCoin [SC], it was being purchased at the price of $0.011, after the statement the coin experienced growth, with the buying price of $0.014. The currency pumped upward by 10.07% post that the announcement.

Yesterday, Binance stated they would encourage the ICON [ICX] Mainnet token exchange plus they also added ICX/USDT pair for trading. Binance gave the note of suspension of deposits and withdrawals to get ICON [ICX] beginning with 20th June at 05.30 IST. Binance will take care of all of the technical requirements involved for all the users holding ICX.

Binance plays an essential function in the trading prices of its listed coins and trading currencies. CoinBase, Kraken, BitStamp, and also itBit proved recently researched for price manipulation methods. However, Binance has been under investigation for exploitation of prices within the cryptocurrency industry.

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During writing, SC coin is traded at $0.0148, with a market cap of about $52.1 million. The money has seen that a rise of 22.90% in 24 hours also going strong in the hourly rise graph sitting at around 4%

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