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The incident of cryptojacking has risen by 400%, reports Kaspersky

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In 2018 incidents of cryptojacking rose a record 400% to touch the mark of 13 million, according to Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky.

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Cryptojacking refers to the malicious practice of hacking a cryptocurrency users computer to gain mining power and occasionally also to divert funds to their own wallet.

Last year the number was around 3.5 million and it is implied that with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the practice of such methods is also increasing. One other alarming stat points out to the active involvement of attackers from African and Middle Eastern countries as compared to last year.

With the changing technology, the cryptojacking methods are also evolving which is making the process of detecting harder. Nowadays, cryptojackers are primarily are using malware scripts to access users computers.

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Among the affected cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR) is one leading name.

As all of this happens so quietly that users don’t even realize about the attack. But, after a while, the script can create turmoil in the machine making it slow and often ends up damaging the system by overloading the processing the power.

These rising incidents are the cause of a grave concern for this relatively new and developing community.

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