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To create “trust” between AR game players and real-world location, tech giant IBM patents a blockchain system

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Global tech giant IBM has applied for a blockchain patent, with plans to prevent players on augmented reality (AR) games from intruding on unwanted locations. The patent documents of the tech firm were released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on November 1.

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IBM, also known as Big Blue, through the patent describes a system based on blockchain to interact with a AR-supported mobile device and locational database in order to maintain and set secure boundaries among the real-world physical locations and AR objects. As per the document, a distributed ledger is designed to collect and maintain a growing list of data records while maintaining its security.

The “exemplary method” AR-game allows the mobile devices to obtain signals whether a particular location on AR is undesirable, based on the location database in the blockchain. Besides, the mentioned system will be able to modify particular AR objects which are marked as undesirable, while displaying them on mobile devices.

Providing a brief description of AR, IBM states, such a form of gaming is linked to a location which is overlaid by images of more games items including characters, internal game location, or resources. With the application of new blockchain patent, IBM can be useful in providing the guarantee of “trust” among the real world locations and AR game based location.

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This is not the first patent related to blockchain submitted by IBM, they are one of the leading providers in the field in terms of numbers. By the data available till August 31, IBM has filed a total 89 patents, and are only second just after Alibaba who has 90 patents application in its name.

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